Sharing Cultures through Art

The Portland Observer || December 28, 2011

To ensure immigrant artists both preserve and share their cultures, one Portland non-profit is on a mission to create a community filled with inter-cultural learning through art, which they believe is a vital part of community, heritage and family. read more

 Lents ‘Founders Day’ celebration brings diverse communities

East Portland News || August 2011
After welcoming everyone to the event, and introducing the upcoming live, multicultural entertainment provided by Portland’s Colored Pencils Art Collective, one of the event’s organizers, Rebecca Stavenjord, spoke about it. read more

  Lents Founders Day celebrates diversity
By Jocelyn Ballast, Examiner || August 23, 2011
Part of what makes living in Portland so invigorating is the ever-increasing appreciation of diversity.  Lents neighborhood is no exception to this, and the Founders Day celebration in Lents Park on Sunday exemplified how a multi-ethnic community is able to grow and benefit from sharing the richness of its varied heritage. read more

  Cultural diversity celebrated at East Portland Exposition

East Portland News || July 2011
The “Multicultural Share Fair” is the focal point of EPO XPO. It includes culturally-inspired performances, as well as “Villages” hosted by organizations representing the numerous cultural groups in Portland. Each Village featured education as well as interactive activities. read more

  Where EAST meets the Northwest

By Josephine Bridges, The Asian Reporter || July 18, 2011
"Colors of Portland" is a mixed-media group show, and at the opening reception, the display was celebrated with music, song, and talking more

 Immigrant clients greeted by multicultural art exhibit

By Molly Hottle, The Oregonian || August 26, 2010
Newly arrived immigrants come to the center for mandatory screenings. They also come for free health care for as long as eight months. Now, fittingly, a new art exhibit created by immigrants from around the world adorns the waiting room walls.  read more 

  Portland Plan Arts Townhall Play by Play

By Cary Clarke, Mayor Sam Adams Blog ||  July 31, 2010
The evening began as any arts-related event should - with some actual art.  Gauri Rajbaidya - a local musician, architect and talented member of the Colored Pencils Art Collective, originally from Nepal - played a lovely rag on the bamboo flute for an attentive audience, after which the hospitable people of Portland Center Stage welcomed the crowd into their space. read more 

 Colored Pencils’ draws many cultures together 

East Portland News || October 2009
Portland hosts the fastest-growing communities of people of color in the State,
Joseph Santos-Lyons observed. “But we have very few places to connect deeply and authentically. This space is good, because it brings together both multicultural Portland and more-mainstream Portland.” read more

  Colored Pencils: Every Last Friday!

Mayor Sam Adams Blog || September 2009
The Mayor had his first (excellent) Angolan meal and had the chance to see great art.  Our thanks to Polo, Koffi, Nim and all the volunteers for their work on these monthly events. read more 

  Newcomer artists host Colored Pencils Culture Night

El Hispanic News || March 19, 2009
“We’re a group of newcomers, poets, artists and like-minded people of all colors who gather together once a month to sing, read poetry, and perform in our native languages,” said Portland artist Nim Xuto, who founded Colored Pencils Arts and Culture Night. read more

  Art in all colors

By Maileen Hamto, The Asian Reporter || March 17, 2009
The inaugural event brought together artists and performers from newcomer communities all over Portland — Arabs, Cambodians, Palestinians, West Africans, Ukrainians, Nepalese, Mexicans, and Samoans. read more

  Art, far from home

By Gosia Wozniacka, The Oregonian || March 5, 2009
Art can nurture people who are far from home; it can help express loss, belonging, change. Yet there are few, if any, venues in Portland where you can see art by Oregon artists born outside the United States, or hear writers from diverse cultures and continents read their works. read more

  "Colored Pencils" Art & Culture Night at the CIO

Portland Sentinel || February 11, 2009
America's immigrants have always unpacked new vitality and new possibilities. Colored Pencils Art Culture Night is an effort to re-assert the cultural wealth of immigrants into newcomer and settled Portland. read more