Are humans destroying mother earth?

We invite Portlander family to form a big circle under the stars at Director Pak to honor mother earth as we invited a group of elders from American indigenouse community to lead us on how to care for the earth.  We are co
-creating the event with Instituto Inxocitl Incuicatl, Director Park - Portland Parks & RecreationRegional Arts & Culture Council, Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, World Affairs Council of Oregon.

Join our sacred circle with spiritual dancing, drumming, rituals, story-telling by elders and spoken words by Native American teens.

Opening Ceremony in Lakota ~ First Nation
by uncle John Bravehawk

1)Praying to the Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth for health and happiness.

Mexica Tiahui to bring in the Spirits of our Ancestors
Danza Planting of the Seeds

3) Story of the Salmon by Ed Edmo

4)Spoken Word by Native American youth.
Jason Franco introduction In the Spirit of My Ancestors
Omar Pacheco Hip Hop Rap
Jason Franco and Andres Serna Breakdance performance

5) Living in Harmony with the Earth
Growing up with grandma ~ how to live in the wild.

6) Red Stone Rodolfo Serna Quetzalcoatl Spirit of Change.

Invitation to dance with Mexica Tiahui
Closing honoring the 4 Directions