2012 BLOG

Co-hosted by Home Forward (Housing Authority), as an attempt to re-image New Columbia and engage community we presented 11 artists within New Columbia community and from other part of city. We brought together room pack New Columbia, in North Portland, neighborhood which we present neighborhood’s talents as well as presenting genocide survivor from Cambodia, Kilong Ung, whom speaking about his journey and success in this country to inspire young newcomers that recently arrived in the audiences.  Performers included local social justice rapper “March 4th” Jose Gutierrez, Somali singer “Dino” and local multi-ethnic band Utopian Rebels.

co-hosted by Russian Oregon Social Services (ROSS), we brought together 11 fine artists & performers on stage including Russian community most talented artists and performers and bring together their community as well as promoting talents via social media and our website.  
We had opportunity to promote Russian band “Chervona” and local African American poet Andrea Hope whom using her words to inspire community to work together and addressed social justice issues.  Poet and singer from gay/lesbian community, Nicole Snagsuree had opportunity to speak about her life as lesbian through her music and spoken words.
We presented over 6 artists from multi-ethnic community which we promoted and broadcasted their work via your tube and our popular social media channel 2 months prior to event.

June 29th Oregon Historical Society : "History of coming together" co-hosted by World Affairs of Oregon and Oregon Historical Society, 
Portland Commission on Disability, Disability Arts and Culture Project , Connection Communities Coalition.  We brought together 13 fine artists & performers on stage.

The event was to commemorate the history of our togetherness.  Those who built Portland as us today.
We brought together the past and the preset : Native drumming and performance by traditional Mexican signer. The heart and the back bone of our city.  Embracing our brothers and sisters from disability community we invited D.J. Lamar and Inclusive Art Vibe Dance Company to rock  the house. We present 5 multi-ethic artists which 3 are from disability community.  
artist from disability community, Erik Ferguson, was invited to showcase his work in downtown gallery at the event.
Jon Kelting later on was featured in local television
Bill Alton local author whom read at the event was contacted to make film according to his life. Recently, we have been working on launching his new book with Colored Pencils.
Worlds Affair of Oregon and Oregon Historical Society contribute additional needed funding for this event for our community outreach effort.

co-hosted by Hmong Community. We brought together 20 fine artists and performers to the event.  We presented local Hmong cuisine and craft.  Downtowners and passer by were in for a treat by Hmong community rare traditional performances and performances by Chatta Addy from Ghana and dancer Mathias Galley.  We presented artist Andres Guerreo’s amazing work from the group Project Grow.  Local immigrant students from Yap Island performed their rare traditional dances. Hmong community has brought their flower vendors to showcase and sell flowers from their farm.

Co-hosting by Iraqi Society of oregon, We brought together 22 fine artists and performers and 13 volunteers from diverse community to the museum!

Coordinating by artist Monica McKenzie and volunteer Krystal Lum, our artists pull together for this successful event by creating their own biography page and price labels.  With their great discipline, they present their work in room pack full with audiences which artists Mark Bishop sold one piece of his work.
CP social media team promote their work through social media channel and website prior to event ~ video record of artists and their work is also available through out the years through our website.  

Marking the very 1st time local artists and talents having opportunity to showcase their art at the Portland Art Museum ~ we were invited back next year in Oct. 2013 to “engage more of the museum experience” which we are very excited and grateful for the opportunity.  Our theme of this event was Social Justice through art ~ presenting human trafficking, Nuclear weapon, immigrant & refugee issues through dancing & poetry reading performances by well-known “within community” multi-ethnic artists.

2012 Special Event/Project

We coordinated multi-ethnic performances for their celebration.

We coordinated dance and performances for their fundraising.

Multnomah County  “employee of colors” gathering
We coordinated performances by 2 multiethnic performers for their employee luncheon.

We coordinated ethnic food vendors, performances and art for their funders gathering.

We coordinated 15 multi-ethnic performances for East Portland Neighborhood Event.

We decorated Human solutions 3 floors new residence in rock wood with multi-ethnic art in the theme of “Human” from various diverse artists in community.

We decorated Human solutions 3 floors new residence in rock wood with multi-ethnic art in the theme of “Urban Portland” from various diverse artists in community

East Portland Tour

Partnering with Dill Pickle Club, CP planning, coordinating and organizing East Portland Tour to bring awarness of the most diverse part of our city.  We conduct person to person community Outreach to Portland Public school ESL department in area to inspire students to tell stories of their journey to this country, perform their tradtional dances and showcase their native cuisine.