East Portland Tour!

East Portland Tour
Saturday, November 17 | 10AM – 3:30PM
Departs from Union Station
$20 purchase tickets

Partnering with Dill Pickle Club and  Hazina Management, Colored Pencils coordinating the tour to East Portland ~ which may be some distance from downtown policy-makers and business leaders – but from 82nd Avenue on up to “the 100s” a new community has emerged as a home to at least 82 languages, to all five of our major religious traditions, and to all of the unrestrained optimism our city and nation of immigrants has always aspired to. 

10.30AM – 11.30AM
Building business and building community
At Fubon Mall, Oregon’s largest Asian shopping center, located on the energetic corners of SE 82nd and Division Streets, we’ll meet and eat with an iconic SE Asian Portland elder and entrepreneur, to hear his family’s story and his community’s resettlement history.
11.45AM – 12.45PM
Family self-sufficiency and community integrity
At the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), we’ll discuss successive waves of Asian, African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, East European, Pacific island, Mexican and Latin American communities that’ve made Portland a bigger and better Us. We’ll talk about why families come here, and where our City’s going.
1PM – 3.30 PM
Portland’s next generation
Kids at David Douglas High School always proudly point up at their cafeteria’s 77 national flags. We are just as proud of them, and give all the credit for their success to their patient and persistent teachers. At David Douglas we’ll meet one of those muscular ladies and we’ll listen to our children’s journeys, told in their own words and arts.

Oct.26th Event @ Portland Art Museum

Colored Pencils is partnering with the Portland Art Museum and the Iraqi Society of Oregon to invite audiences to the fifth Colored Pencils Art and Culture Night in 2012. Visual and performance artists from various ethnic backgrounds will present song, dance, and poetry against the backdrop of eclectic paintings, photography and drawings by some of the region’s most exciting artists. read more
1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR 97205  [MAP]