Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stories from Home: Colored Pencils Art and Culture Literacy Project

STORIES FROM HOME A family feast of Arab and Nepali poetry, music, food and fun Saturday, August 16, 2 to 4pm. Midland Library 805 SE 122nd Street, Portland 97233 Multnomah County's Midland Library has long been a local leader and kind convener of neighborhood efforts to embrace Portland's refugee and immigrant communities. Families from our wobbly world's most chaotic corners have for generations received comfort and encouragement from our librarians. Our August 16, Saturday afternoon event promises some more of that. This long summer's tragedies and uncertainties for our Iraqi, Bhutanese, and Palestinian Portlanders will be likewise soothed at Southeast Portland’s Midland Library, between those tall Douglas fir and under their landmark clock tower. Please join Colored Pencils Art & Culture Council, Portland's East Precinct Community Policing Center, Portland Fire & Rescue, and the City Office of Neighborhood Involvement, for a feast of Arab and Nepali poetry, West African and Nepali music, Arab and Bhutanese cuisine, and a lot of gracious company. All for free. Please bring family and friends for this ongoing building of a better city, a bigger us. Honored guests: Oregon Bhutanese Community Organization officers, board directors, and members of the Iraqi Society of Oregon officers, board directors, and members of the Colored Pencils Art & Culture Council performers: Palestinian American writer Mohammad Bader was born in East Jerusalem and much of his poetry reflects his experience as a first generation immigrant. He is Division Director for Multnomah County Developmental Disabilities Services Division. His recent book of poetry "The Traveler" published by Lulu Press (2011). Portland Bhutanese writer Moti Rizal’s book "Life at Refugee Camp in Nepal" is written in traditional Nepali poetry style. It chronicals Bhutanese life in their homeland, in Nepal refugee camps, and their resettlement in America. Benin-born and Portland author, singer/songwriter, and educator Parfait BassalĂ© tuned early into music as a vehicle to understand and overcome the challenges of painful migration, bewildered resettlement, and the complexities of integration. He continues using his West African life story as a catalyst for groundbreaking research on a song-centered approach to education. A framework designed to teach empathy to various audiences. Gauri Rajbaidya, Bikram Vaidya, and Manoj Kansakar, together are a fusion band of old school Nepali traditions blended well with New World rock n' roll, blues, and reggae. Gauri is Newa from Nepal, where he is a founder of the Society for Urban Poor. On this side of our Pacific Sea, Gauri works as an architect at SERA and as a civic activist with APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon STORIES FROM HOME is presented by Colored Pencils Art and Culture Council; Multnomah County Library, Regional Arts & Culture Council Additional Information please contact: Anna Gindlesperger 503.314.1127

Monday, September 23, 2013

CP Happy Hour @ Portland Art Museum

FREE Museum Admission Day!

New American performing artists fill Old Portland icon -
Colored Pencils Art and Culture Council "Happy Hour" at the Portland Art Museum
5:30-8pm October 25, 2013 on a Free Family Friday

Sunken Ballroom in Mark Building
1119 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Like Atlanta back east and like Seattle straight up I-5, Portland has transformed itself into a gateway city for a continent of opportunity. Today, one in five Portlanders is foreign-born. Nearly half of the energetic kids dashing out of our schools when dismissal bells ring, go home to families resettled here from Asia and islands in the Pacific and Caribbean; Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East; from Spanish- and Russian-speaking countries.

These families naturally brought along their culinary, fine, and performing artists – so for a second year, downtown's heritage landmark, the Portland Art Museum embraces the extraordinary cultural wealth unpacked by our immigrant and refugee neighbors. It is the invigorating American story, told and retold.

For October's free family Friday, the Colored Pencils Art and Culture Council, a non-profit arts organization and a troupe of artists representing many if not most of Portland's 80 ethnic streams, will be presenting a NW fusion of Nepali, Polish, Mexican, Andalusian, Indonesian, Arabic, Native American, and Tongan island, traditional and contemporary expression in paint and poetry, in music and chest-thumping, floor pounding dance.

Central to each Colored Pencil's event is honoring the most-elder among those gathered and asking the audience's kids to help sing happy birthday around a lighted cake, in a dozen languages simultaneously.

A Colored Pencils evening, like every visit to Portland's Art Museum, is a journey into our reassuring human experience, and into our shared eclectically wild Portland story.

5.30-6.30 : Social/dinner
6.00-6.20 : Welcome and Blessing by Prajwal R Vajracharya of Foundation of Sacred Buddhist Arts of Nepal
6.20-6.35 : Artist Exhibit by Latino Art Now and CP artists coordinated by Hector Hernandez
6.35-6.50 : Zimbabwean traditional dance performance by Chido Dhliwayo
6.50-7.00 : Spoken Words by Tio Polo Catalani and Gauri Raj
7.00-7.15 : Portland very own world renowned Polish Cello player Ashia Grzesik
7.15-7.30 : October Birthday Celebration and Honor Elders
7.30-7.40 :  Portland's Street Root writer Leo Rhodes reciting poetry
7:40-7:55 : Cuadro Gallo Flamenco group will be performing a few pieces of bulerias and tango include vocals from Randa Benaziz, Jeff Trapp on guitar and Kuma on cajon, a percussion instrument from Peru
7.55-8.25 : Dance with Nepali group comprised of Bikram Vaidya, Manoj Kansakar, Gauri Rajbaidya and Kevin. Enjoy Nepalese music that fuses their own singing and folk music traditions with the following styles rock, rock n' roll, blues and reggae

$10 Donation at the door / Senior, Students, Children FREE

This event is co-hosted by Oregon Health Science University lead by Maileen Hamto, City Club lead by former Portland's mayor Sam Adams, The Asian Reporter newspaper and Oregon Arts Commission!

We Thank You for your support.
Please DONATE for this event and help continue our project in 2014 :)  If you like what we do!

Video from our past event : performance by Edna Vazquez